Job Opening: Ramp Hostess



The Ramp Hostess reports to the Customer Service Manager.

Employees who fill this position must be able to:
  1. Come to work on time, when scheduled, and work their assigned hours; be willing to work nights, weekends and holidays and be able to work overtime if needed
  2. Work well and get along with other employees and customers;
  3. Read, write, speak and understand the English language
The Ramp Hostess must be able to greet and/or park arriving and or departing aircraft, load/unload baggage from aircraft, work outdoors in extreme heat and extreme cold weather conditions. They will be responsible for carrying cabin service items to and from aircraft, driving ground transportation vehicles to and from aircraft, and support line service as needed. You’ll be required to consistently comply with every aspect of Texas Jet’s Culture of Excellence and any other duties as assigned by management. You will work in a non-smoking environment and you must be able to lift 30 pounds, have a valid Texas driver’s license and be able to stand, reach, walk, bend, stoop, climb stairs, and maintain a professional appearance. You’ll be expected to pass a drug screen and criminal background check and abide by all Texas Jet Safety Procedures to create a safe, secure and accident free environment.

Ramp Hostesses may be assigned Front Desk duties from time to time. These duties include coordinate flight arrivals and departures, arrange ground transportation, hotel reservations and catering, process credit card payments, answer a multi-line telephone, communicate effectively with co-workers and customers, and be able to multi-task efficiently at all times.